Lucas Mill



A few years ago I bought a Lucas Mill. It’s a portable saw mill which you build over the log. We head up the top of the mountain where there’s plenty of fallen or dead trees; stringy bark, red box, etc. I drag the barrel of the tree out in the open with the tractor onto level ground, then build the mill over the top. It takes about ½ hour to set up, then you’re away, 4 x 2’s, 6 x 2’s, you can even slab up table tops. It’s been a great purchase. The dining table at home came from the mill. I love it.


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Dining Table

One of the greatest tools I have is a Lucas Mill (Google it). It’s a portable mill which you build over the fallen log. We had a nice tree unfortunately come down on the property, a white stringy bark gum. It’s timber is not used that much ... [read more]

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