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To fill you in on a little bit about myself, I’ll give you a brief rundown. I started in the carpentry game 32 years ago with my brother when I was 18. We had a good time together, him the boss and me learning the trade plus life and, more importantly, a work ethic – which we both got from our late father.

I’ve always loved working hard, that great feeling of being tired and dirty, hot and sweaty – then the inevitable cold beer at the end of the day. In my early 20s I decided to hit the road around Australia – I did this for a number of years, working for a while then moving on. I did a lot of carpentry, a lot of bush work, a bit of boat building and then working on boats… just about anything I could get my hands on. I met some great people who I’m still friends with today from Western Australia, Queensland, the Central West of NSW to Victoria – it was a great life.

I came back to Sydney when I was around 28-29, started a business, got married and had three beautiful children. The roaming stopped and the hard work continued. I employed three or four blokes in the business and a number of apprentices over the years.

When I was 37 this fella came up to me in the pub one arvo and says: “Do you want to do a screen test for a TV show we’re doing?” Initially I thought he was joking and said “No, I’m right thanks mate!” Anyway it turns out he was legit, I did the screen test and got the job. That was Backyard Blitz, in 1999. At first I was doing it two days a week and the business four days. It was a good change in my life, I saw the work as a good hourly rate and thought I’ll keep my head down, work hard and then there might be some potential in this. The best thing I ever did was to be myself – no acting required, that’s what I did from Day One. Things progressed from there, I got a few more shows along the way – some good, some not so good – and now I’m very lucky to be the host of The Block, a show I love to work on and hope to for more years to come.

So that’s me in a nutshell: I love all things Australian – our history, our bush, our heroes. I love Australian sport, our culture and at times our lack of it. I really would love to see our kids enjoy the simple things of Australia that I enjoyed as a kid; that’s my mission in life and hopefully this website will give you a few ideas to get the troops off the computer and out into the Aussie outdoors.


Scott Cam hiking in the Blue Mountains, knackered, 1992

Hiking in the Blue Mountains, knackered, 1992

Scott Cam backyard Blitz team… good times, 2001

Backyard Blitz team… good times, 2001

Scott Cam at his first Logies in 2000, a big night

First Logies in 2000, a big night

Scott Cam with Steve Irwin

What a legend — shooting an episode of a show called Clever in the Nine Studios in 2003 — I miss Steve

Me old mate Lizzie. I have her stuffed at home so I can still give her a pat

Me old mate Lizzie. I have her stuffed at home so I can still give her a pat

Scott Cam changing a roof in about 1995

Changing a roof in the old days, about 1995, I loved going to work

Scott Cam Celebrity Grand Prix 2002

I was lucky enough to do the celebrity Grand Prix in 2002. All the competitors became good friends

Scott Cam in the 80's

I did a lot of work on Rodd Island, in Sydney Harbour in the late ’80s. We used a work boat to get the gear out there each morning

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  1. kimberley eastall |

    What an incredible life Scotty! I am doing a pre-apprenticeship now and have definitely found my calling. It is truly a blessing to do what you love

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