My Story

About Scotty

To fill you in on a little bit about myself, I’ll give you a brief rundown. I started in the carpentry game 32 years ago with my brother when I was 18. We had a good time together, him the boss and me learning the trade plus life and, more import ... [read more]

About Rosie

I’ve been very lucky in my life, as I’ve had a dog since the day I was born – Barney, Buffy, Clarrie, Lizzie, Rosie – sometimes two at once. Dogs to me are an essential part of life, the greatest, most forgiving loyal companions anyone co ... [read more]

Australiana History

I’m a real fan of Australian history and the characters that go with it. People like Jack Howe, the world’s greatest shearer; Lachlan Macquarie, the great Governor of NSW who went on a building frenzy to give us our iconic buildings of today; the ... [read more]

Mudgee Build

The old shack on my Mudgee bush block has had it, so I’ve knocked it down and built a new place from scratch. It’s a great DIY project, and I’d like you guys to roll out your swags and follow the progress at my ‘Mudgee Build’ blog. I’v ... [read more]

Charity Work

I find myself in a very lucky position working in the media; it’s a great job and I get to meet a lot of great, knockabout Aussies. I also feel it gives me an opportunity to help out others. I try to do some work for various charities that ask me t ... [read more]