Fishing Cabin – Stage 1

I had an old dam in the middle of the property about 15 mins drive from the homestead. I thought I needed to fill that with trout fingerlings and build a fishing cabin and that’s exactly what I did. I had a bit of level ground to the side of t ... [read more]

HIA feature article

My apprenticeship was one of the best things I ever did. And I'm proud to be an ambassador for HIA, encouraging the next generation to get stuck into trades.     [scotty_sign] [display-posts id='2379, 1770' title='Related: N ... [read more]

Rubbish Piles

Council Clean ups, hard rubbish day, whatever you like to call them. I always loved it when the unwanted treasures went out on the street. I used to bring home all sorts of stuff and my father would go crook on me for filling up his garage with t ... [read more]

Beach Buggy

With kids, a dog, brolly, water, newspapers and deckchairs, walking to the beach, down at the south coast was a punish. I looked like a homeless bloke carrying all of his possessions. I needed some transport. So I went to the tip and salvaged a w ... [read more]

Xmas Time

As a child I loved the excitement of Xmas eve and waiting to wake up in the morning to see my pressies. Now, Xmas time is all about relaxing with my family, enjoying a beer, while watching the cricket on the tele and the food, especially th ... [read more]

12 Sheds of Xmas #12

#12 in my 12 Sheds of Xmas, I love listening to my music and there's no better place to play all your old favourites than in your shed, where no one can hear you singing off key. [scotty_sign] [display-posts id='2419, 2623' title='Re ... [read more]

12 Sheds of Xmas #11

#11 in my 12 Sheds of Xmas I'm not one to pick sides when it comes to the Holden v Ford debate but I always appreciate people's passion for motorsport and history. Good on ya. [scotty_sign] [display-posts id='2641, 2609' title='Rela ... [read more]

12 Sheds of Xmas #10

#10 in my 12 Sheds of Xmas this is what the shed is all about, a space to do all those DIY projects. Tools, check. Space to put your cuppa, check. [scotty_sign] [display-posts id='2623, 2582' title='Related: 12 Sheds of Xmas' post_ ... [read more]

Gadget #6 G'Day! Scotty Cam here, In my kitchen and its gadget time again! Now this one is an absolute ripper, and I'm gonna make something that I've never done before, and I'm not sure is gonna work. I can't remember the ... [read more]