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DIY Xmas Decoration

Creating Christmas decorations for the tree can be simple and fun. All you need is timber, a drill, paint and a rope.

Watch this how-to video and check out the pictures below on how to create this little Christmas house. Using this simple idea you can design and create a variety of decorations at this festive time.

Begin with length of timber (7cm x 4cm) Plus timber scraps to use as stamps; pencil; ruler; circular saw; drill; paintbrush; red paint; black paint; rope

Step 1: Mark the centre point


Place the timber on the table longways vertically. On the top edge, mark the centre point.

Step 2: The roof


To create the roof line, rule a diagonal line about 45° from the centre point to the right, towards the outside edge. Repeat on left side. The lines don’t have to be perfectly even – it’s better if your house is a bit rough looking.

Step 3: Circular saw


Use a circular saw to cut along the lines, creating the house shape. Now work out how big your house needs to be and mark the bottom line – about 7cm down from the roof line. Cut along that line with the saw.

Step 4: Drill a hole


You need to be able to hang your decoration, so drill a hole right through, near the roof peak.

Step 5: Paint


Paint the roof red.

Step 6: Windows and door


Use timber scraps to stamp the window and door. My window is a 1cm square and my door is about 1cm x 2cm. Dip the end of the small stamp into black paint then press onto the house in the window positions. Repeat with the other stamp to make the door shape.

Step 7: Rope


Thread rope through the hole. Tie a knot then trim excess length.

Final result: DIY Xmas Decoration



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