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Check out my bottle collection. I’ve been collecting them for 35 years – ever since I dug up my very first old bottle while digging a footing trench when I was a first year apprentice. I love all of the different shapes and sizes and the bottles from different eras.





I bought this buggie off a mate of mine; pretty cheap. I then built a bit of a track in the bush and we have a few time trials. It’s great that the kids learn to drive at the same time.

IMG_3075 (1) IMG_2862 IMG_1314 (1)


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Old carpentry tools have been a passion of mine for years. This is a full set of hand moulding planes that I am planning to put on display in a touchy feely artwork at the farm. [scotty_sign] [display-posts id='1802,1741' title='Relate ... [read more]

Mango Peeler & Pipper

I found this bloke when I was out shopping for a birthday present and thought it was fantastic. They’re great if you’re struggling for Mother’s Day gift ideas, too.

It’s so simple to use, just put the mango straight in the base and place the blade right over the top of it. Push down, and the blade cuts right around the pip. All that’s left to do is to munch down on the mango, I love it.


DIY Photo Holder

Do you have lots of photos sitting in a draw? Why not let your family and friends enjoy some of these memories?

Watch this how-to video to make some simple and creative photo holders that you can use to display your treasured photos throughout the house.

As you can see from the photos below, all you need to start, is a piece of timber from your junk pile and Bob’s your uncle.


Step 1: Mark out the centre line


Step 2: Cut through the pine


Step 3: Mark out the triangles


Step 4: Cut out the photo holder


Step 5: Sand down the photo holder


Step 6: Paint the photo holder




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Think Pink this Mother’s Day

Bisley Tier 1

My mates at Bisley Workwear have teamed up with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to create their Bisley Pink Range. They’ll be donating $3 from the sale of each Pink Shirt to the NBCF, so let’s throw on some pink for all the women out there this Mother’s Day.

Grab a shirt from Bisley’s Pink Range today for yourself and the women that are most important to you as well.

While you’re at it, check out some of Bisley’s fantastic Women’s range, available at my special mate’s rates.