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Mudgee – Follow The Build Part 10



It’s been a busy few weeks for me as The Block has gotten down to the business end of the competition. But my projects are coming along nicely.

Here’s the latest update on my project Follow the Build – Part 10.


It’s always good to get the joint to lock up. I used Airlite’s Platinum range of aluminium window and door frames. Considering the external cladding of corrugated iron is maintenance-free, I wanted the joinery to be the same.


Of course, it’s not very traditional but it’s that contemporary twist I was previously talking about. The windows and doors are double-glazed to keep the winter warmth in and the cold out, and in summer it will keep the house cooler. The most important point about this gear though is it is maintenance free…


That’s it for now, but keep a look out for the next blog post coming soon. Let me know your thoughts on the build over on my Facebook page.


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