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It’s no secret that I love dogs. I’ve had a dog since I was born. Barney, Buffy, Clarie, Lizzy and Rosie. Rosie is still going at 12 and Lizzy is stuffed and sitting on the stairs at home.  Training a dog to me is very important for the dog and the owner. If a dog doesn’t obey your basic commands, like come, stay, sit, they’re going to be running around like a mad dog in the wrong situations. All good for the park or beach, but no good when you’re at a barby or you’ve got friends over. Well trained dogs get to go everywhere with you. If they’re out of control, you’ll tend to leave them at home. Also, well trained dogs don’t get run over. Love your dog but be firm in the first 12 months and you’ll have a great dog for 14 years or so. And remember, they’re DOGS!

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