DIY Toothbrush Holder


This DIY Toothbrush Holder is so easy to make – you can even get the kids involved.

Check out this how-to video to create your very own DIY Toothbrush Holder or have a look at the photos below see how easy it is to make this DIY Toothbrush Holder with step-by-step instructions.


Step 1: Sandpaper

Use sandpaper to sand the block of timber. This will smooth the surface and get rid of any sharp edges. This timber can be as long as you like depending on how many toothbrushes you have. I chose a piece that will fit four toothbrushes nicely.

Step 2: Ruler and Pencil


Using a ruler and pencil, measure 30mm in from one end of the top of the timber and mark. Then measure and mark another 30mm from the first mark. Continue this process until you have four marks on the top of the timber that have a 30mm spacing between each other.

Step 3: Drill Bit


Find a drill bit that is the same thickness as the end of your toothbrushes to ensure the holes will be the perfect fit.

Step 4: Drill and Drill Bit


Using your drill and drill bit, make a 2cm-deep hole on each of the 30mm marks.

Step 5: Sand and Stain


Sand the timber down again to create a smoother finish. Use an old cloth to stain the timber. Make sure you are wearing latex gloves to avoid staining your hands. Leave the timber to dry. Now all you need to do is pop your family’s toothbrushes in and put on display in your bathroom.

Final Result: DIY Toothbrush Holder



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