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First impressions & predictions on all our Blockheads


By now you’ve all been introduced to our Blockheads and I think you’ll agree, they’re going to be rippers! I think Jason and Sarah are a little bit in awe of the whole thing, I think it’s going be a bit much for them, they’re going strike a bit of trouble.

Sarah & Jason 48hr Challenge-01

Clint and Hannah are first-time renovators, so they’re gonna really know what’s hit them once they get going.

Hannah & Clint 48 Hr Challenge-09

Ronnie and Georgia are extremely competitive and organised, and they look as though they’re going to be very competitive.

Georgia & Ronnie 48hr Challenge-2

Sticks and Wombat are capable but a little bit manly and they need to soften everything. They look as though they’re a bit bushy for The Block, so they’re a bit like hardwoods and sleepers and stuff like that, which is not going to cut it in Elsternwick so they need to work on that.

Sticks & Wombat 48hr Challenge-02

Josh and Elise are just quiet achievers, and I think they’re very stylish. I think that they’ll probably go far.

48hr Challenge-01

The 48 hour challenge left me a little lost for words which rarely happens…


I was pretty astounded when I saw Georgia and Ronnie go shopping together on the 48-hour challenge. Of course there’s no rule on The Block that says you can’t go shopping together, it’s just common knowledge that one person shops, and one person stays behind and gets the work done. Two people going shopping is just ridiculous. And Ronnie will work that out down the track.



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Dog Tips


It’s no secret that I love dogs. I’ve had a dog since I was born. Barney, Buffy, Clarie, Lizzy and Rosie. Rosie is still going at 12 and Lizzy is stuffed and sitting on the stairs at home.  Training a dog to me is very important for the dog and the owner. If a dog doesn’t obey your basic commands, like come, stay, sit, they’re going to be running around like a mad dog in the wrong situations. All good for the park or beach, but no good when you’re at a barby or you’ve got friends over. Well trained dogs get to go everywhere with you. If they’re out of control, you’ll tend to leave them at home. Also, well trained dogs don’t get run over. Love your dog but be firm in the first 12 months and you’ll have a great dog for 14 years or so. And remember, they’re DOGS!

IMG_1353 (2)


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