Recycled Water – It’s the way to go!



These days recycled water is the way to go. Why we got rid of rainwater tanks years ago is beyond me. I’m glad to see them coming back. We know that rainwater is a valuable source. Using rainwater not only helps to reduce your bills therefore saving you money but you’re also utilising mother nature. Using rainwater also provides an alternative solution when water restrictions are enforced, helping you to maintain a healthy green garden. Did you know that rainwater harvesting also helps to decrease stormwater runoff. This is a bonus as it helps to reduce local flooding.

Rainwater Tanks

They come in bunch of shapes, sizes and materials. You can get concrete, metal, polythene or fibreglass. For regional parts of Australia it’s typically important to have rainwater tanks but it’s also useful for urban areas as well. In the end, it helps our environment and you’re doing your part to help preserve water.

Rainwater tanks help to reduce:

Water bills;
Water Consumption;
Stormwater on roads, creeks, streams and beaches
Contaminants and;
Provides water for flushing toilets, washing clothes and even your pool

With so many options these days it’s a walk in the park to have them. Narrow tanks up the side path and of course underground. You will be surprised how much water you use for a family of five.

As you see above in the my photo, I buried this 6000 litre under my garage and hooked it up to all of the dunnies in the house and to some irrigation in the garden. We’ve saved water, saved money and utilised mother nature.  What more could you ask for. What a ripper!

You can tell me what you use via Scotty Cam Facebook Page. 


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