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G’day troops,

Welcome to my new website. It’s going to be a bit of fun, a bit of info and packed with great gear to buy at mates’ rates.

The website will be styled with a magazine in mind with plenty of stuff for you to sink ya teeth into each month. There’ll be info on what I’ve been up to on the box, as well as what is coming up in the future. And you never know, there might even be a bit of inside information on what is happening behind the scenes…

You can follow projects I’m currently working on. I’m building a house at my farm at Mudgee with some terrific Aussie hardwood – 260 x 260mm ironbark which looks incredible. You can also follow some of the smaller projects I’m working on – we’re building a small cabin which my kids are giving me a hand on.

I’d like you to get involved, get some tools in your hands and have a crack. I’ve got a great DIY section with small projects you can do at home and then cop a pat on the back from the better half while they tell you you’re a genius!

Also something that is very close to my heart, something I love, a little bit of Australiana: great characters and influential people from Australian history, stories from this great country of ours, Australian facts, basically a whole heap of interesting Aussie stuff.

The fact that my job lets me travel around Australia meeting all types of interesting people is a real bonus for me. I’m lucky that everyday people come up to me and say ‘G’day’ – it’s a part of the job that I love, I get to meet all types of Aussies, right around this great country.

Over the years I’ve made plenty of mates in different areas of business and over a few beers and a meal I can generally twist their arm on a good rate on whatever it is they’re flogging – another perk of the job – which brings me to MATES’ RATES. I figured if I can get a good rate on something, then why not pass it on to you guys, pass the gear on to you at Mates’ Rates.

We’re starting with work wear, and as time goes on we will add gear as I come across it. One week we might have tools or camping gear, and then it could be garden sheds – basically whoever I can convince out of my contacts to give me a great mates’ rate.

This is just the start of – there’ll be a whole load more stuff on the website as the months roll on. If I see something I like, it’ll be there.

AND if there’s anything you like then share it with the team; we’d love to hear from you with your thoughts on anything related to what we’re talking about. You can follow me on twitter and facebook.


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