Gadget #6


G’Day! Scotty Cam here, In my kitchen and its gadget time again!

Now this one is an absolute ripper, and I’m gonna make something that I’ve never done before, and I’m not sure is gonna work.

I can’t remember the name of this thing. But you’ll see it, you’ll find it in a shop or somewhere. It hasn’t got any names on it… Cause I threw the box away! So I don’t know where it came from but someone sent it to me as a gadget, sorry I’ve forgotten the name.

It’s unbelievable! Peeled spud, straight on there, Bong! into there, put your hand here, and you do this and LOOOOK it comes out as string! the potato!

How….Good…Is that

Then what I reckon you do and I don’t know if this is gonna work out as I say, so you spread it out and then you put it in some oil and cook it all together and you end up with like a hash brown sort of thing or you could do this with salads or things like that.

I’m not getting paid for this remember! I just like gadgets.

Its the P8 whirlymcgigor for spuds, zucchinis you can do anything and it turns it into swirly things like this. You’d be like a salad genius. But I like the deep fried stuff.

And this is a corka.


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