One of my favourite things… Boiling the billy



One of my favourite things to do is Boiling the Billy. Boiling the Billy is most often making tea. Waltzing Matilda is best know for it’s first verse and chorus which was changed later by the Billy Tea Company to “And he sang as he watched and waited ’till his billy boiled…”

‘Boil the billy’ simply means in Australia “put the kettle on”. Making it in a Billy is simply sensational. Over the open fire is the best way.

When I get a chance to be in the bush this is how we have smoko every day. But before I do, I always check the local Fire Danger Ratings and check if you are allowed to light a fire in the bushfire season. Having a nice little fire that ticks along all day, you can have a cuppa whenever and wherever you want. Billy can full of water, handful of Bushells tea leaves out of the box and a couple of gum leaves in the can. Bring it to the boil, give it a twirl around a few times and drink it black. Sensational.

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