Japanese Tools and Workshop


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I visited Japan a few years ago and dropped into a master carpenter’s workshop. What an incredible experience it was! The timber, the tools, the craftsmanship, it was all amazing.

The handsaw in the photo was used to cut a 60mm slab from a large piece of timber, about 4mtrs long 500 x 500, all cut by hand. A chalk line was flicked on both sides of the timber and my old mate used this saw to hand cut the slab, always keeping to the lines on both sides and square and true. Amazing!

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This saw is a pull saw so the cutting is done on the pull stroke not the push. In the third photos you can see some of the many chisels that my Japanese carpentry mate has. Incredibly sharp and beautifully maintained, they treat their tools like gold.

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Let me know what some of your prized tools are on my Scotty Cam Facebook Page.


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